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Welcome to Aqua Dragon central, here you can learn about these amazing creatures, buy Aqua Dragons online, consult FAQs, contact us, find a distributor, or find out how to become one. Watch our blog, follow us in Twitter as we offer special discounts for loyal Aqua Dragon fans. Love your Aqua Dragons and they will bring you happiness!

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About Us

Our mission is to bring enjoyment and awareness of nature and animals to nature lovers of all ages but especially children through the design, production and sale of original gifts, life cycle kits and great educational science toys. Here is our story:

  • In 2003, Amy Holden´s former boss sent her some Sea Monkeys, which she promptly discovered were the most amazing animals and science toy concept on earth. Friends and family would visit to see her special pets. That started a passionate story that led Amy to resign her job at a software company, sell her flat, and together with Fernando Zahonero invest in a container load of Sea Monkeys and to start up the company, World Alive, which at that time was known as Sea Monkeys Distribution S.L.
  • Amy cold called and sold that container load of products via wholesale and direct to public, and then sold many more, but did not want to stop with just that. From a design and production background, Amy now with a small team developed our own toy brand by trade marking and creating World Alive in 2005 and under this brand launched a series of insect life cycle kits, for kids to set up a habitat, receive the live eggs and follow the life cycle of the insects from eggs to adults, then set them free. These products were launched across Europe and later worldwide.
  • In 2006 and after great success with the first innovations, the company developed a new line called the Botanicals greenhouse kits, so kids could set up a miniature greenhouse and grew some exotic, interesting or strange plants such as the carnivorous Venus fly trap, cactus or the touch sensitive mimosa.
  • In 2007 more lines were launched, Organicals ecological planters and some very cool Gel ant habitats 
  • In 2009 we developed the Jungle Friends Musical toothbrushes that play music for the time kids should be brushing their teeth. Other development arrived one after the other, we also worked on many famous licensed brands and in this year we also discontinued being distributors of Sea Monkeys.
  • in 2012 we went into competition with Sea Monkeys with a fresh and well developed new brand that shares the same concept of hatching and raising a generation of live artemia. Our system is called Aqua Dragons and its a little different, our tank and accessories bigger and more colourful and the instructions are full of intriguing information that will amaze and amuse you. We have done our most best to not be a copy, but to be a clear innovation, a real competitor and we like to explain to people that we are not the successor, but that its like Pepsi and Coke, two competing brands for the same product concept.
  • In 2013 the Aqua Dragons product line won 3 major industry awards; the Best new toy of 2013 from the British toy and hobby association, The Top Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine and the Tillywig Sterling Fun toy of the year.
  • In 2014 Aqua Dragons won the Tillywig Brain Child award and finally reached sales of over one million units worldwide since its launch.
  • Currently the World Alive brand is present and being sold via our distributors all over Europe, Australia, USA, Middle East, Russia, Africa and several Asian countries, in total we are on sale in over 40 countries and we are serving orders direct to the public worldwide via our online store.
  • Or team consists of Amy Holden the founder, product innovator and developer, Kim Carter in International expansion, Encarna Hurtado in Administration, Production management, and Consumer and Online marketing and a small team of logistics people and animal lovers who are working to raise those insects and Aqua Dragons so they arrive to you healthy and on time.